Happier, Healthier Lives


Caregivers shuffle through binders full of paperwork to adequately care for their clients.

On any given day, a caregiver may have activities to perform at certain times, errands to run, caregiving tasks, medication to administer, transportation assistance, and the list goes on. A client may have several care givers and each needs to know critical information on their client’s health and care needs.


Provide a system that empowers caregivers to give the highest quality care to their clients.

We went directly to the caregivers to design an application that takes the burden of paperwork off their shoulders. Client well-being, tasks, and activities are tracked and provide real time transparency to both the care agency and family members. It is easy for a caregiver to review previous visits and see what they need to do for the day at a glance.

Responsive Web Design

View daily checklist and selected checklist item details

  • Check-in with a client

  • Report client's mood

  • View daily checklist
    Click an item to see details

  • View check-in log

  • Report client’s mood and check out

See the Design Process


As a team of 2-3 software engineers, 1 UX/UI designer, 1 UX/Frontend dev (responsive mobile design)


  • UX Design
  • Front End Dev
  • (responsive mobile)


  • Sketch
  • Zeplin
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass


Design T-shirt sized effort mockups

The design and style guide was already established for desktop and native mobile app; I used that as guidelines in my adaptation for mobile responsive versions of pages or new page layouts. I worked closely with our UX/UI designer to assure my design met his guidelines.

Being both a UX designer and the frontend dev, I had an intimate knowledge of the dev effort my designs would have. When applicable, I designed and mocked up several versions:

  • Most optimal layout

  • Happy middle ground

  • MVP
    (minimal viable product)

This enabled us to evaluate and prioritize which features we wanted more refinement and which we could rapidly develop for now without the bells and whistles.

Allergies mockup availabe in 2 sizes

Reflection & Learnings

Iteratively build products to meet the needs of early customers.

Working with pilot agencies allowed us to prioritize what people needed most and test that what we were building was useful for them.